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Small, slim but powerful disposable e-cigarette.

And it is a product that you can feel the deep and powerful taste that can only be tasted at wow.

When inhaling, you can see the LED on the top center of the front of the product. 

White light: Fully charged

Blue light: use 1/2 battery

Red light: Low battery. 

Three lights indicate the remaining battery level .


Simple and slim design wow disposable e-cigarette







basic specifications 

  •   Battery capacity 320mAh
  •   Coil 2.0 ohm
  •   Oil volume 1.3ml
  •   3.7V voltage
  •   aluminum battery cell
  •   Class A barrity cell
  •   Ultra slim design
  • Product Name






    Battery capacity:


    Battery Chip:

    Battery chip with voltage indicator : 

    White - fully power 

    Blue - Medium power 

    Red - Low power

    Pod & Battery connect

    Magnetic connect between battery & Pod

    Pod capacity:

    1.2 ml empty refillable Pod or Prefilled Pod

    You can choose one

    Puff Amount

    250~300 Puffs


    1.2 Ohms

    Heater material

    High Temperature Black Ceramic heater

    Material of Tank

    PCTG Plastic

    heavy material

    Pass Heavy material testing in USA CA


    Aluminum alloy oxidation shell

    Package info

    1kits each inner plastic vinyl bag




pg :vg 50:50 This is a disposable product based on 1.5% nicotine.

WOW 1.5 disposable product with a delicious liquid undiluted solution blended together to give you a mild taste and taste of various liquids.


Disposable Flavor Types

O Ice Green Tea: A green tea flavored liquid with cool ice ingredients added. Refreshing green tea flavor

O Ice Grape : For strong ice ingredients  The sweet grape flavor is excellent.

O Blueberry: The most popular blueberry among berries. Savor the rich flavor of blueberries

O Watermelon:  You can enjoy the rich taste of watermelon in summer. Recommended for those looking for a sweet fruit liquid.

O Aloe: Tastes like chewing aloe in aloe juice. If you want a cleaner taste than fruit liquid, which is sweet with added freshness, we recommend aloe.

F Lime Aloe: The refreshing taste of aloe and the sour taste of lime are added to provide a refreshing and clean taste.

F Rich Mango: This product combines steamed mango flavor with rich mango flavor to give you a sweeter mango taste.

F Demon Green: Demon Green, also called cactus liquid, has the same taste as melon for a long time.  I never get tired of touching it.

F Mango: The most popular mango flavor among tropical fruits. Enjoy the steamed mango flavor

F Grapefruit: A product that can feel the rich taste of grapes

C Lime Soda: An attractive product that has a refreshing feel and does not get tired of the sour taste

C Strawberry Melon:

C Apple

C Chewing: A product that feels like chewing gum, a refreshing mint product

C Lemon Lime: The combination of lime and lemon adds sourness to the stomach.

C Green Grape : Sweet and sweet cool green grape product with a strong green grape scent

C Ultraberry: The rich taste of sour and sweet berry is outstanding

CG Milk Banana: Reminiscent of banana milk flavor.

CG Cuban Cigar:  Soft Cuban cigar scent is added to it with a scent like blooming tobacco.  Products that can taste Cuban cigars

CG Peanut Tobacco: The combination of regular cigar flavor and fragrant peanut flavor has a savory yet attractive cigar flavor.

CG Real Cigar:  You can taste the original cigar flavor.

CG Mocha Coffee: Mocha coffee with coffee and chocolate flavor is based on Arabic coffee made based on the aroma of mocha.

CG Real M Tobacco: The taste of pure tobacco is excellent

CG Cara Mel Milk: Made with lactose and starch  Caramel Milk is a product that combines the soft taste of milk with sweet caramel.

CG Coke: Feel the tangy taste of Coke with disposable wow

CG wow

CG Mandarin Soda: Taste of light soda water

CG Blue Mint: Cool mint flavor


CG Ramune Soda:

CG Americano

CG corn crackers

CG Black Ice

CG Virginia

WOW single use 15mg

  • 1. This product is shipped from overseas and may take 3 to 20 days for delivery.
    2If the name of the customer deposit and the name of the recipient of the order are different, delivery may be delayed. 
    3.Additional charge for exchanges and refunds due to a simple change of mind  Please note that this happens.
    4. Open the product and  Items that are difficult to sell cannot be returned or refunded. 

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