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브이갓솔트 50mg : 전세계 판매순위 1 / 가장 인기있는 솔트액상인 브이갓솔트니코틴액상

니코틴농도 50mg / 용량 30ml 액상

PG : VG / 50 : 50비율

여름철 대표과일인 수박을 시원하게 해서 먹는듯한 달콤고 부드러운 멘솔의 조화가 이루어진 액상입니다.

V god 50mg rush ice

  • 1. This product is shipped from overseas and may take 3 to 20 days for delivery.
    2If the name of the customer deposit and the name of the recipient of the order are different, delivery may be delayed. 
    3.Additional charge for exchanges and refunds due to a simple change of mind  Please note that this happens.
    4. Open the product and  Items that are difficult to sell cannot be returned or refunded. 

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