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Line compatible refillable pot - Red stringed ball pot


Product name: pod system cartridge/Red empry cartridge
Type: Refil-pod
Size: 29.35x15.5x6.95mm
Volume: 1.0ml
* When charging the Red Pot  Do not place the rubber stopper loosely. Be sure to put it on tight.
* Be sure to use a needle empty bottle when refilling the liquid solution. There is a risk of water leakage if you refill with a regular dropper bottle.
* There is almost no condensation and no liquid splashing.

Precautions when using empty pots

<Red Gongpot Leakage Cause>>

  1. Leakage may occur due to atmospheric pressure or temperature.

  2. If you press the pot strongly, the pressure may cause water leakage.

  3. When inhaling strongly, the hole is short, so the liquid can flow back.

<Fix method>

  1. Remove the suction cap and clean it

  2. Put a tissue in the hole and wipe it

  3. You can use it by combining it again.

JUUL Red Refill Gong Pot

Out of Stock
  • 1. This product is shipped from overseas and may take 3 to 20 days for delivery.
    2If the name of the customer deposit and the name of the recipient of the order are different, delivery may be delayed. 
    3.Additional charge for exchanges and refunds due to a simple change of mind  Please note that this happens.
    4. Open the product and  Items that are difficult to sell cannot be returned or refunded. 

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