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[Fruit series] VGOD Mango Boom: Pineapple, peach, orange mix with rich fruit flavor

[Fruit series] VGOD Apple Boom: You can feel the rich sour taste of sweetly candied apples.

[Fruit series] VGOD VERIVEOM: A shower strawberry belt coated with sugar appears on strawberries full of sweet juice.

[Fruit series] VGOD Tropical Mango: You can feel the flavor of a huge mango.

[Fruit series] VGOD Lucius: A liquid with a subtle blend of melon and watermelon

[Fruit-based] NIC SALT Fruits: The taste of fruit

[Fruit type] Strawberry Water Melon: Strawberry Water Melon Refreshing Flavor

[Fruit series] NKD Polar Breeze : Sweet tropical fruit complex fruit flavor

[Fruit series] Blue: A product with excellent grape flavor

[Fruit series] Plum: A product with excellent plum flavor

[Fruit series] Berry Queen: Various berry products are harmonized to give you a unique taste.

JUUL Red Pot 5% Fruit Flavor

  • 1. This product is shipped from overseas and may take 3 to 20 days for delivery.
    2If the name of the customer deposit and the name of the recipient of the order are different, delivery may be delayed. 
    3.Additional charge for exchanges or refunds due to a simple change of mind  Please note that this happens.
    4. Open the product and  Items that are difficult to sell cannot be returned or refunded. 

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