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FRUITGUY Grapefruit

A liquid flavored with ripe, juicy red grapes.




The refreshing taste of aloe and the sour taste of lime are added to provide a refreshing and clean taste.




Steamed mango flavor and lychee flavor go well together, so you can feel the sweeter mango taste.



FRUITGUY Demon Green

Daemon Green, called cactus liquid, has the same taste as melon, so you will not get tired of touching the liquid for a long time.

It is a liquid with a mild melon flavor.



FRUITGUY ice wine

Ice, a cool ingredient, is subtly combined with wine wine to give it a sweet flavor.




FRUITGUY Mango Flavor

The most popular tropical fruit liquid, mango flavored fruit liquid

Steamed mango flavored fruit liquid

There are also products that are not packaged in the box when the product is shipped or received.

Everyjoule sells only genuine products of all products.

Fruit Guy 9.8mg

  • 1. This product is shipped from overseas and may take 3 to 20 days for delivery.
    2If the name of the customer deposit and the name of the recipient of the order are different, delivery may be delayed. 
    3.Additional charge for exchanges and refunds due to a simple change of mind  Please note that this happens.
    4. Open the product and  Items that are difficult to sell cannot be returned or refunded. 

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