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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Delivery related  

1. Your order is still waiting for delivery. When is it shipped?


A: After placing an order, it says that it is waiting for delivery until customs clearance is completed .

    Even if it is marked as waiting for delivery in the order history, it has been shipped, so you may need to wait a little longer.

2. Even if I search the invoice number, I can't find it . How do I do it?


A: If it is not inquired, the item has not yet been customs cleared , and the updated invoice number means that in the case of CJ, it is under customs or is being shipped from the United States to Korea. In the case of postal delivery, if the invoice is updated, customs clearance has been completed and it is being shipped domestically, so you can receive it within 1-2 days.


3. The product I ordered came only with the device.


A: Some products, such as devices, disposable products, JUUL, and MYLE cartridges, cannot be shipped together. Items to be shipped individually are provided in the product description prior to purchase, and an additional charge of KRW 10,000 is applied for shipping.


4. Are there any products that I can receive immediately?


A: Products sold are products that are shipped from the United States, and products are shipped immediately, but there may be delays due to variables related to customs clearance and delivery within the United States .

Payment/deposit related

1. Payment is not confirmed. What happened?

A: Payment is confirmed within 24 hours after payment, and after payment is confirmed, your order information says payment is complete.  ​

All deposit-related confirmations are made manually, and it is not possible to immediately verify because it is not easy to process Korean accreditation in the United States.

It's a bit cumbersome, but we check each and every application is processed, so don't worry and contact us only if your deposit is not confirmed even after 24 hours.

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